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Brief overview of courses

Our programs are designed to benefit Directors, C-suite officials and senior-level management who wishes to enhance their leadership skills and change the trajectory of their organizations.

Leadership in Uncertain Times

To gain a competitive edge in an uncertain economy, companies must be able to develop and manage integrated management and leadership strategies that create, capture, and sustain value over time. Designed for public and private sector organizations.

Duration: 4 Days

Creativity and Innovation in Post Covid Era

Participants will gain an all-around knowledge of many of the creativity
and innovation skills required to overcome various challenges in the
business world. They will be able to apply techniques for solving complex challenges.

Duration: 4 Days

Design Thinking for BMs and Senior Executives

Design Thinking” is playing a greater role in finding meaningful pathways – its process and tools are
increasingly being adopted in Lean Six Sigma processes and in
organizational innovation initiatives to help business executives.

Duration: 4 Days



An award-winning simulation focused on bringing out the inner leader in you, our leadership simulation exercises promote teamwork while meeting individual goals simultaneously. It challenges the users to think on a macro as well as on a micro-level and showcases how a leader has to think on the lines of a long-term strategy and pave a path for immediate action.

Delivery Mode

  • Online
  • Inperson ( Lagos or Dubai)
  • In house ( Clients office or chosen location)

Why TBH-Leadership Academy?

The world is in critical need of exceptional leaders who will rise up, be the change and lead in this VUCA ( Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world we find ourselves in. There are lots at stake, our business, culture, communities, our future and that of the next generation.

Leadership development at a time like this is not good to have but a must-have for any organization and individual that wants to ride the tides, be productive, successful and make a mark in history.

This is the reason we exist, to raise and empower exceptional leaders. We are changing the world one leader at a time. We are breaking the barrier of bad leadership. One empowered leader could influence two, five, hundreds or thousands of people; with this, we can change the narrative of our organizations, communities and the world.

Who we are


The Blooming Hub is a Leadership and Management Training and Consulting firm with partners and offices in Lagos, Dubai, London and Canada.


At The Blooming Hub, we offer bespoke solutions to our clients and do not believe in a one size fits all approach to helping our clients achieve their goals. 


We know you have aspirations and a deep-seated desire to be more, do more and be much greater than where you are right now. That’s the reason we exist – we are your partners
to success.


We carefully select our consultants in order to offer our customers the foremost quality of expertise together with extensive experience in industry practices.

Our Offerings

We understand that business success starts with people. And we’ve consulted hundreds of businesses, applying the required standards to each, so we can genuinely benchmark the business performance. Our package focused on Business Optimizations and Improvement Principles.

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